Carriage driving harnesses in Ashbourne

Choose us for a top-quality Rene Schoop International harness – as used by HRH Prince Philip (pictured above) for over 30 years.

The Rene Schoop harness

The Rene Schoop harness is a very popular, top-quality synthetic harness, currently available on the market in the UK and worldwide. Designed by Rene and his team, produced by top craftsmen and tested by the top drivers in competition, it is renowned for style, durability and performance.

Rene Schoop specialises in first-class synthetic leather-look carriage driving harnesses, using superior stainless steel roller buckles and quick release fittings.

Leisure harness

Unique adjustable saddle with sliding or quick release swingle-tree attachment, quick release breeching straps available.

All stainless steel fittings totally adjustable in black. Brown available to order.

Leisure Blinkers
Leisure bridle
Leisure breastplate
Leisure harness tugs
Leisure buckles
Leisure breastplate

Sport harness

The Rene Schoop heavyweight sport harness has a unique breast plate which converts quickly and easily from single to pair, team or tandem. All harnesses include stainless steel fittings, shaft loops for open or closed shaft ends, and new quick release shackles for breaching straps.

No less than 7 national champions use the Rene Schoop sport harness every day, as well as globally recognised movie stuntmen Gerard and Daniel Naprous.

The Rene Schoop heavyweight sport harness is the perfect competition harness. It is durable, soft and stylish. It holds up to regular competitive use and still looks fabulous in the show ring. Our sport harness was designed to perform well in marathon and 3 phase events as well as endurance driving.

Our Rene Schoop heavyweight sport harness has a unique breast plate which converts quickly and easily from single to pair, team or tandem.

All harnesses include
Stainless steel fittings
Shaft loops for open or closed shaft ends

New quick release shackles for breaching straps

​Heavyweight Sport harness prices

  • Cob single £950
  • Full single £950
  • Cob pairs £1900
  • Full pairs £1900
Black and red trade harness
Brown and red trade harness
Brown trade harness
Black and red harness

Trade harness

The Rene Schoop trade harness is both stylish and durable. With synthetic or full leather collar options, the trade harness is an eye catching show winner. A number of colour options are available.

​Prices start at £1050.00

Contact the team at Rene Schoop International in Ashbourne for help and advice about our harnesses.

Our trade harness is available in black or brown with a choice of blue, red, yellow, black, green, pink or white patent. Please contact us to make an appointment for fitting.

​All our harness features, such as clinchers, buckles, chains, kidney beaters, harness furniture, width of breeching, and piped edging, can be made in different ways to ensure your trade set is unique.

  • The saddle has leather padding, for a comfortable fit
  • The breast plate, all traces, and straps, are made from synthetic material
  • Straps are treble stitched around the holes for extra durability
  • Traces are available with slot, steel D or chain ends
  • The bridle is made with extra soft padding over the head and nose band
  • The dock is made of extra soft leather for the horse’s comfort.
  • Delivery is available across Europe by courier and worldwide shipping is available.
  • Customers are welcome to collect.
  • Heavyweight sport saddle
    Heavyweight sport bridle
    Heavyweight sport saddles
    Heavyweight sport buckle
    Heavyweight sport buckles

    Quick hitch harness

    Quick Hitch sets can be made to the customers choice of colour. Customers can also choose from a horseshoe buckle or roller buckle and there is a choice of furniture available: bullseye or oval. Prices from £625.00

    Quick Hitch 1
    Quick Hitch 2
    Quick Hitch 3
    Quick Hitch 4
    Quick Hitch 5
    Quick Hitch 6
    Quick Hitch 7

    Single standard donkey harness

  • Easy care harness
  • Hard-wearing, top-quality, synthetic
  • leather and fabric mix
  • Chrome fittings
  • Padded breast collar
  • Padded breeching
  • Ideal for training
  • Standard size donkey
  • Colour black
  • Bridle included
  • £200 + p&p
  • Bargain Shetty harness

    Made from European leather with brass fittings this full and complete Shetland harness set comes in black with a set of matching reins, £195.

    ​Ideal as a starter set and for juniors wanting to try out a new sport with their former ridden pony, this bargain Shetland harness will suit training and showing just as well.

    ​And even at this bargain price, all customers will receive our best free fitting advice. The set is hard-wearing and traditional in design, which looks great with traditional and modern vehicles.

    Contact Rene Schoop International in Ashbourne for more details.

    Shetland and mini harness

    Fine lightweight harness

    A new design of fine lightweight harness which suits the smaller equine. With narrower straps all round, it allows the finer features of a smaller driving pony or donkey to be appreciated. Made in mini or Shetland sizes which can be mixed and matched to make a set to suit mini, slim to stocky, tall Shetlands.

    Contact us for a quote.


    Normal rubber reins

    ​These rubber reins are a webbing rein with strong rubber strands interwoven into the fabric all along their length providing extra grip. They are a durable everyday rein for leisure driving.

    Rubber duck reins

    Rubber duck reins are a webbing rein but are fully coated in rubber with rubber nodules along the length providing the best grip possible. They give excellent feel and control in sport and endurance events.

    Leather reins

    Leather reins can be made to the customer’s specification for length, width and weight depending on vehicle and size of horses. Leather reins are individually priced.​

    ​Get in touch with Rene Schoop International in Ashbourne for help and advice. We can assist you with harness measuring and fitting.

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